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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Customise Monster Chalky for Kuki

Customise Monster Chalky just for Kuki.

>25cm tall<

1 comment:

kukimonstar said...


i have been bzbz with my work.. din't visit your site and you have created so many customised.. hehe thanks alot....(my plus)

where is my nasty kuki!! i mean the blog photo...

i got it already..so happy..i will bring it to the next journey..i mean trip..

haha.. i din't tell you ..want to surprise you but.. got bit problem at kl.. (you know what i mean)..

thanks for bringing hehe and haha to my yawning life.. i got 3 now..hehe.. love it.. happy.. crazy..

i already sktech my cross over with you... kuki x plushism...

just wait i finish and settle the domestic affairs first.. mean while save sewing..

kuki@ be back soon..

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