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Friday, April 14, 2006

Majulah Stickapura x Plushism

Majulah Stickapura x Plushism

Some of them are...
<<5 stars Singaporean M.I.C.E>>


Name: ZAKINA Favorite food: Mee Siam Hobby: Swimming Occupation: Civil servant Race: MALAY Nationality: SINGAPOREAN

Name: RUMY Favorite food: Curry Fish Head Hobby: Chill out Occupation: Mama shop keeper Race: INDIAN Nationality: SINGAPOREAN

Name: AH DI Favorite food: Fried carrot cake Hobby: Basketball Occupation: Kopi Tiam tenant Race: CHINESE Nationality: SINGAPOREAN

Name: MARY Favorite food: Spagetti Hobby: Shopping Occupation: Executive Race: EURASIAN Nationality: SINGAPOREAN

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