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Tuesday, June 06, 2006


TRASH TALK by Graphicairlines.

It was a scorcher of a summer. Eyeboy and Mouthboy were looking for trash on the street, but they are not scavengers. In Trashy, all creatures need trash to live. Eyeboy and Mouthboy had a hard life - abused by their stepmother, robbed and beaten by gangsters. But everything changed after they met their first friend, Iggy......

+ Artworks about "Trash Talk" collected from 2002 to 2006

+ 17 artists’ artworks based on the "Trash" theme:
Begin Lee, *COM, Creatoutline, Cubeman, C#, Johngraphics, Katol, KS, Mak Ying Ping, , Nico Teo, Otoss, Rex Koo, Start From Zero, Telephone, Toby Tsang, Tony (PWM), Tucks

+ Free gifts included limited “skull boy” plushie and characher sticker

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