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Friday, March 14, 2008

~ Mari-san and Nico ~ Collaboration

~ Mari-san and Nico  ~ Collaboration
An alliance of Japan and Singapore is forged, with Mari-san inviting plush artist Nico to join forces in creating unique plushies. A different flavour would be infused with this collaborative creations from these two incredible artists. Like Mari-san, Nico does what she loves, and loves what she does. Having a seamstress mother, she learnt the skills and developed her own wild style. Nico, who has her very own plush line, plushism, will be giving one of Mari-san’s apple a makeover. Another apple be will be fashioned with the expression of her own style. The cuddly companions are anticipating a memorable meeting with you, at the
“ MARI-BRAND ::Lush Plush Express Exhibition:: at Basheercity Room ”


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